Case Study

Achieving multi-purpose objectives on Mother’s Day without discounting

Using Email Marketing as the primary channel in Mother's Day campaign, IMP supported one client reach over $120.000 in revenue without discounting.

How EMERALD RUN 2022 donated 1,372 trees for the forest

Campaign summary: Emerald Run 2022 virtual race, co-organized by IMP and sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam, attracted 740 runners and donated 1,372...

Email Marketing contributed more than 50% in revenue during the Summer Sale

By targeting existing customers through Email Marketing, a client of IMP easily surpassed slow summer months. Only in 3 days, their Summer Sale campaign...

Email Marketing

How to maximize customer lifetime value?

To achieve the goal, companies need to maximize customer lifetime value. Read this article to explore the way.

Ways to calculate customer lifetime value that the business should know

Customer lifetime value is important to a business because it helps determine the profit that companies can gain. Let find out ways to calculate them.

Understanding customer lifetime value

The successful businesses are the ones with the most loyal customers. So companies should understand thoroughly CLV to gain that.

Shopify Implementation

Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Shopify Store

Setting up an effective online store on Shopify also requires many considerations. Check it out.

Shopify tips all store owners need to know

Businesses and store owners need to know well about Shopify to carry out their business. Read this article.

How to sell on Shopify: A definitive beginner’s guide

Shopify sales knowledge and experience is what a business/seller should be well equipped to make huge profits from this e-commerce platform.

Keyword Research

Why do businesses need to research SEO keywords?

Keyword research is an indispensable step for businesses to determine a strategy to optimise the user experience on their website. Read the article below to explore.

The importance of keyword research for market research

When starting a business or developing a new product, a business needs to do market research. So how can keyword research help that?

Basic Keyword Research Checklist

Businesses need to research keywords first when starting SEO. Explore the process below.