Case Study


Following IMP's five best practices when implementing Instagram Ads in the US market, a client saw a dramatic increase in their conversion rate – up to 30%.

Organic Traffic Increased 679% In 12 Months Thanks To An Insightful SEO Strategy

With an insightful SEO strategy, IMP and a client in the dietary supplement industry increased the website's organic traffic by 679% in 12 months. Search...

Increasing 1.5% rentention rate after the Black Friday month

By offering a month-long discount and gift promotion, IMP’s client implemented a strategy to increase the customer retention rate to 1.5%.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Learn how to use email marketing at each stage of the customer lifecycle and get tips to build effective email campaigns you can use.

From Clicks to Conversions: 8 Effectively Measure Email Marketing Metrics for the Modern Era

In the past couple of years, there has been a significant shift in how successful brands gauge and refine their email marketing metrics. Whatever you...

How to maximize customer lifetime value?

To achieve the goal, companies need to maximize customer lifetime value. Read this article to explore the way.

Shopify Implementation

Things To Keep In Mind While Building A Shopify Store

Setting up an effective online store on Shopify also requires many considerations. Check it out.

Shopify tips all store owners need to know

Businesses and store owners need to know well about Shopify to carry out their business. Read this article.

How to sell on Shopify: A definitive beginner’s guide

Shopify sales knowledge and experience is what a business/seller should be well equipped to make huge profits from this e-commerce platform.

Keyword Research

Why Can’t AI Fully Replace SEO Yet?

There's a saying in the world of SEO that "content is king", and Google's algorithms prioritize high-quality content to improve search rankings.  With the emergence...

Why do businesses need to research SEO keywords?

Keyword research is an indispensable step for businesses to determine a strategy to optimise the user experience on their website. Read the article below to explore.

The importance of keyword research for market research

When starting a business or developing a new product, a business needs to do market research. So how can keyword research help that?