17 Best Shopify Stores to Inspire Your Business 2023

Are you looking for inspiration to create a successful Shopify store? You’ve come to the right place! While there are countless amazing stores on Shopify, we’ve narrowed it down to nine of the best. These top Shopify stores have creative designs and effective marketing strategies that can be used as great examples when planning your store. From fashion retailers to subscription services, these inspiring Shopify store examples will help kickstart your business!

1. Pipcorn

Pipcorn is one of the top Shopify stores and a gourmet popcorn brand that has created a niche for itself in the food industry. Their Shopify store is designed to cater to the modern-day consumer who is looking for snacks that are both healthy and delicious.


Overall, Pipcorn’s Shopify store is a great example of how to create a successful eCommerce business. By focusing on quality products, sustainable practices, and a user-friendly website, they have built a loyal customer base and continue to grow their brand.

2. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a clothing brand that focuses on sustainable and durable clothing for both men and women. Their Shopify store is an excellent example of how to create a visually stunning website that reflects the brand’s values.

Taylor Stitch

One of the unique aspects of the Taylor Stitch Shopify store is its focus on customization. Customers can choose from a variety of customization options for certain products, such as choosing the color of the buttons on a shirt or adding their initials to a leather wallet. This level of customization helps to make each product unique and adds to the overall brand experience, making them become one of the top Shopify stores on the market.

3. Skinny Teatox

Skinny Teatox is a popular brand in the health and wellness industry, known for its detox teas that help customers improve their digestive system and reduce bloating. Their Shopify store is a great example of how to promote a healthy lifestyle through an eCommerce platform.

Skinny Teatox

4. Happiness Abscissa

Happiness Abscissa is an eCommerce store that sells unique and fun products such as stickers, prints, and other accessories. This one of the best Shopify stores is a great example of how to create a visually engaging website that highlights the brand’s personality.

Happiness Abscissa

5. Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim Co. is a denim brand that prides itself on crafting high-quality jeans that last. Their Shopify store is a great example of how to effectively showcase a brand’s story and values through an eCommerce platform.

Hiut Denim Co.

The Hiut Denim Co. This is one of the top Shopify stores, designed with a focus on simplicity and functionality. The site features a clean and minimalistic layout, which allows customers to easily find the products they need. Users can quickly navigate through the site’s different product categories and filter their search based on specific features such as size and color.

6. Rainbow Vision

Rainbow Vision is an eCommerce store that offers a wide selection of unique and visually stunning products such as kaleidoscopes, telescopes, and other optical gadgets. As one of the top Shopify stores, their website is a great example of how to create a visually engaging website that showcases the beauty of their products.

Rainbow Vision

One of the standout features of this Shopify store example is that they offer a virtual kaleidoscope viewer, which allows customers to experience the beauty of their kaleidoscopes in a digital environment. This feature is a great way for customers to get a sense of the product’s quality and beauty, which helps to build trust and credibility for the brand.

7. Tofino Soap

Tofino Soap is an eCommerce store that offers a wide selection of handcrafted soaps, body care products, and candles made with organic and natural ingredients. Their Shopify store is a great example of how to effectively showcase a brand’s commitment to sustainability and natural living through an eCommerce platform.

Tofino Soap

The store has a clean and inviting design that highlights the brand’s mission to create products that are gentle on both the body and the environment. The site features a beautiful slideshow display of high-quality images of their products, which makes it easy for customers to see the texture and quality of each item.

8. United By Blue

United By Blue is a sustainable outdoor brand that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and gear for the eco-conscious adventurer. This one of the top Shopify stores is a great example of how a brand can showcase its commitment to sustainability through an eCommerce platform.

One of the standout features of the United By Blue Shopify store is their commitment to using sustainable materials in all their products. For example, their Bison Puffer Jacket is made from recycled polyester and filled with bison fiber, while their Organic Cotton Joggers are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton.

United By Blue

9. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is a wildly popular beauty brand that offers a wide selection of makeup and skincare products. The brand’s Shopify store is a great example of how to showcase a celebrity-driven brand through an eCommerce platform  effectively.

The Kylie Cosmetics Shopify store has a sleek and modern design that is both visually stunning and easy to navigate. The homepage features high-quality images of the brand’s latest products, along with social proof in the form of customer reviews and testimonials.

Kylie Cosmetics

10. Naja

Naja is a revolutionary lingerie company that works to empower women across the globe. Not only does it make inclusive undergarments in multiple nude colors catered to any skin tone – but they also offer employment opportunities for single mothers and female heads of households! On top of all this, 2% of their profits go back into sewing programs at local foundations – so not only are you buying something special; your purchase helps create meaningful change around the world.

11. Adored Vintage

Adored Vintage is a Shopify store unlike any other! Not only does it sell beautiful vintage and modern pieces with an air of classic French romantics, but its founder Rodellee Bas curates every piece like a true artist. Plus, the company donates part of their profits to classrooms in need – talk about doing good in this world! On top of that, Rodellee has her heart set on mentoring up-and-coming women entrepreneurs: she’s truly inspiring inside and out.

12. TenTree

Driven by their time in the lush paradise of Hawaii, Dave Luba and Kalen Emsley wanted to give back to nature. So, they created Tentree – a store that not only brings you great fashion but also helps restore Mother Earth! For every item purchased 10 trees are planted – making it one of today’s top Shopify stores with purpose. With an ambitious goal set for 2030: planting over 1 billion trees…they’re sure doing wonders for our planet!

13. Goodfair

Topper Luciani is revolutionizing the way we shop for pre-loved fashion! With Goodfair, customers now have access to sustainable bundles of clothing rescued from landfill destiny. Producing far less carbon than traditional shopping methods and reducing costs with streamlined purchasing processes – this innovative project has certainly given secondhand apparel a new lease on life.

14. Rothy’s

Rothy’s is setting a remarkable standard for stylish, sustainable fashion. Through clever 3D knitting technology and zero-waste practices, they’ve managed to turn over 60 million plastic water bottles into trendy shoes and accessories! Plus their shoeboxes are eco-friendly too – made from biodegradable materials with 85% post consumer recycled content. Store shopping never looked this good – or felt so guilt free!

15. Beefcake Swimwear

Beefcake Swimwear

After two years of hard work, Mel Wells finally brought her dream to life with the launch of Beefcake Swimwear. Featuring timeless designs from the 1920s and inspired by sustainable ethics, these androgynous pieces are lovingly crafted in Portland using high-quality materials—all made possible thanks to those working at living wages! With an array of suits that never go out style and total transparency on costs throughout production, it’s no wonder why everyone is talking about this fashionable line.

16. Suta

Suta is a fashion house made from two sisters’ vision to bring together classic style and empowering artisans throughout India. Led by Sujata and Taniya Biswas, they specialize in crafting timeless pieces like sarees, dresses, blouses — all while utilizing sustainable fabrics that are handmade with care!

17. Artisaire

Artisaire brings to life a timeless art form – wax sealing. With their eye for detail and commitment of quality, they make all the items in this one-of-a kind Shopify shop with care at their Canadian factory. And it doesn’t end there — even the Thomsen family who run Artisaire take time out of their day to write thank you notes by hand and seal them with love!

These top Shopify stores demonstrate the power of eCommerce platforms to showcase a brand’s unique identity and mission. From virtual kaleidoscope viewers to detailed ingredient information, each store offers features that are tailored to their specific customers’ needs. By taking advantage of the tools available on Shopify, these brands have created engaging shopping experiences for their customers that drive sales and build trust in their products. With so many options available on Shopify today, there is no limit to what you can do with your own online store!