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Using Email Marketing as the primary channel in Mother’s Day campaign, IMP supported one client achieve multi-purpose objectives: fostering revenue growth, improving AOV (average order value), clearing out inventory before the summer slump, and enhancing customer relationships.



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1. Background

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May. On this occasion, consumers tend to shop and give their mothers gifts, making the day one of the best times to launch a promotion. For this reason, Mother’s Day has slowly become an annual promotional period for retailers and e-commerce businesses.

A report of interest and spending on Mother’s Day (2018 – 2022)

When analyzing consumers’ interests, it’s undeniable that Mother’s Day holds a special place in their minds. In recent years, purchasing gifts are not limited to moms but also all the women present in people’s life: the result shows increasing spending over 2018-2022 (from $179.77 to $245.76), with 84% of people planning to celebrate and to give gifts on this holiday (2022). 

  • Mom and Stepmother – 63%
  • Wife – 23%
  • Daughter – 10%
  • Sister – 9%
  • Other relatives – 9%
  • Grandmother– 7%
  • Friend – 6%
  • Godmother – 2%
Mother’s Day spending report from the National Retail Federation (USA)

According to the National Retail Federation (USA), the total expected spending of 2022 can reach up to $31.7 billion, with $245.75 per person spending. These numbers show that the sales potential on Mother’s Day is significant, as consumers have high demands for gifting. Therefore, a strategy of GWP (gift with purchase) can encourage them to spend more and create sustainable revenue without discounting products. Let’s discover how IMP helped its client in the beauty industry achieve over $120,000 in revenue and other objectives through Email Marketing.

2. Implementation

Noticing that Mother’s Day is an ideal opportunity to boost revenue, IMP and its client implemented a promotional sale via Email Marketing. This approach not only ensures achieving consistent profitable growth but also builds customer loyalty effectively.

During a gift-giving occasion like this, a GWP campaign entices customers to buy more and to share their gift with others. Its main benefit is improving the AOV metric, which drives sustainable business growth and creates long-term value. Here are the details:

Top product categories on Mother’s Day from the National Retail Federation (USA)

To keep the performance on track, we’ve considered all the following factors to maximize the GWP promotion:

3. The results

More than just a profit-driven campaign, Mother’s Day promotion helped IMP’s clients achieve longer-term objectives, which are:

4. Conclusion

Effective promotion combines constant market research, strategy experiment and adjustments. Businesses can simplify the above steps and let IMP experts give you a detailed consultation.

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