Attract 10 million visitors after two years of operating

IMP is proud to be a digital marketing partner helping a Singapore financial technology company enter the Vietnam market successfully. IMP has helped draw up to 10 million website visitors through collaboration with other media partners over two years.

1. Context

This Singaporean fintech company launched in Vietnam back in 2016. It provides search and comparison tools for insurance and financial products in the Asian marketplace. Customers can select financial products and services such as insurance, credit cards, and unsecured loans with ease and ease. However, Vietnamese people were still not familiar with financial technology products.

The business challenge is to change the habits of young users and thus provide them with valuable information and professional services.

Concerning IMP services, the company has set itself four main objectives:

  1. Professionally launch the brand.
  2. Be the primary choice when comparing finance and insurance in Vietnam.
  3. Engage target customers to visit the website and use the service.

2. IMP’s Solution

Along with other public relations and event partners, IMP proposes the critical approaches, in particular:

  1. Place ads on Facebook, Youtube, Google platforms to appeal to target audiences.
  2. Share valuable knowledge for users and promote this content to occupy top spot on Google.
  3. Implement content and mini games through social media.
  4. Implement seeding activities on ưell-known forums.

3. Result

After a one-year launch, the website attracted 1 million visitors. After 2 years, the number went up to 10 millions. The right direction from the start has helped the company succeed quickly in a market, where users are still very new to their services.

IMP is proud to be a strategic partner contributing to the achievement of business goals and becoming a prestigious name in the field of financial technology in Vietnam.

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