By properly optimizing Instagram ads, IMP helped a Custom T-shirt Manufacturer drive 2.0x more messaging conversation started rates and reduce cost per conversion by 20%.


Paid Media is an essential component of revenue growth for online businesses. A client of IMP, as Custom T-shirt Manufacturer for stores and factories in the US, is adopting the same marketing method. With a target to increase messaging conversations started rate through Instagram ads, Paid Media is used to generate leads. However, the business has to face the challenge of raising the cost per conversion while the metrics result in bad performance.

Their big challenge is the cost of generating leads on Instagram ads keeps increasing


To solve the cost problem, IMP set an affordable campaign and increased the conversion rate by executing these tasks:

  • Drive more engagement on Instagram by uploading inspiring product videos with a call to action button: “Click to message”. In addition, we use carousel posts to introduce product lines and increase the messaging conversation started rate.
  • Based on nearly 1000 messages sent across the US, IMP starts analyzing which areas have the highest messaging conversations started rate and sets more ad spending to those key areas. For the rest, IMP still runs ads with a moderate budget to avoid potential customer loss.
  • Select products that suit the climate of each area to run ads. For example, state X is in the winter season, so that sweaters would be an appropriate product to promo.
Leverage difference formats to increase engagement rates

The result

After 2 months of optimization, the business has gained positive performance:

  • Drive 2.0x more messaging conversations started rate (from 0.12% to 0.24%)
  • Cost per Mess reduced by 20%
  • Cost per Lead reduced by more than 12%
The result
After 2 months of optimization, the business increased a great amount of messaging conversations started and reduced costs


As many B2B businesses expand to the global market, Instagram is a highly potential advertising channel but is often overlooked. When the campaign is set correctly, IMP helps this business increase messaging conversation started rate and reduce costs. Contact IMP for more detailed advice if your business wants to improve the conversion rate or simply increase messaging conversations started effectively.

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