factors affecting purchasing Decisions via a-commerce

Many factors that influence a buyer’s purchasing decision. Businesses need to understand customer behaviour in e-commerce to make the right strategies to help customers come to a faster transaction decision. Here are some factors that affect the purchase decision businesses can refer to.

Reviews from other buyers

There is a typical customer behaviour in e-commerce today – the buyers often check the product reviews from other buyers before deciding to buy. Reviews from other buyers are really influential. Because of the nature of online purchases, consumers cannot directly test the product, so they will often rely on the previous buyer’s experience to measure the quality of the business. So, companies always provide the best products and service quality to create quality reviews. Unfortunately, there are negative reviews, businesses should also respond in a professionally with an attitude of taking responsibility and offering a satisfactory solution. This attiude will help reorient the next customer’s purchasing decision.

Free shipping policy

For online customers, shipping is always an issue that they care about when making an order. Besides 5-star product quality, free shipping is an extremely attractive phrase for any e-commerce customer. When there are many products with similar quality and type on display, businesses that offer free shipping will have the opportunity to increase revenue compared to other competitors. However, businesses also need to ensure the quality of shipping to be able to really retain customers for a long time.

Easy return and exchange

Buying goods without directly selecting them will bring many inconveniences, such as incorrect size, inappropriate goods… At this point, the easy return and exchange policy will motivate buyers to choose their brand among many other brands.
At the same time, the e-commerce website should also have information about the supplier’s return policy in case the goods have problems or meet other return conditions. And usually, it’s easy for customers to come to a purchase decision for businesses with simple and easy return and exchange conditions.

Simple payment

Why do people prefer to shop online through e-commerce platforms? It’s convenient, quick and easy. Therefore, the more flexible and simple payment methods are created, the more businesses can effectively influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. Businesses should offer various payment options such as card payments, payments via e-wallets or mobile devices. In particular, the payment process should be simple and fast because 73% of consumers will leave a transaction when there is a slow checkout process.

Full product information

Finally, customers will be more sympathetic to products that are provided with complete, clear and accurate information. The product informations are images, quality backlinks, user guides and detailed parameters… especially the content properly exploits the issues that customers care about will better influence the purchasing decision. Therefore, businesses should invest in images and convey quality product content, create a special and impressive feature for customers to see the difference between business and other competitors.

Doing business is not an easy thing. Doing business is always a process that every companies must constantly improve and learn to make a breakthrough. Hopefully, the above sharing will partly help businesses better understand the factors affecting customer behaviour in e-commerce and apply it correctly to get the best effect!

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