How EMERALD RUN 2022 donated 1,372 trees for the forest

Campaign summary:

Emerald Run 2022 virtual race, co-organized by IMP and sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam, attracted 740 runners and donated 1,372 trees for Bach Ma National Park.



Emerald Run is a virtual race on the race-running platform. This event was organized for the first time in 2021, with the name “Emerald Virtual Run,” and taken up with enthusiasm by the community of running lovers in Vietnam.

In 2021, Emerald Run collaborated with “Com Co Thit” Fund to call to fundraise, which was to buy school stationery and regenerate toilets for students at Ban 1 school, Thuan village, Thuan Primary school, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province.

Following the success of 2021, Emerald Run returned in October 2022 with the message “Run for the Forest”. The mission was to raise awareness of the environment and nature preservation.


Collaborating with Gaia Nature Conservation, Emerald Run 2022 set a target to donate trees to Bach Ma National Park in Thua Thien Hue.

Target audience

The race targeted local runners and the Ireland community in Vietnam and the world. These are a group of people who share the same interests: 

  • A race to run
  • A challenge to overcome,
  • An opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment

The Emerald Run 2022 chose Bach Ma National Park because it is one of the main ecological zones of Vietnam. Besides, nature and environmental protection are a big concern for young people worldwide.

Media channel

To make the race reach as many people as possible, Emerald Run 2022 collaborated with This is a website specializing in coordinating virtual runs with the biggest runners community in Vietnam. Information about the race is posted on the iRace homepage, which is in the top 3 on the registration page for ongoing races. This helped attract more than 600 early bird runners.

Furthermore, the race was promoted on various channels:

Implementation duration


After 10 weeks, Emerald Run 2022 got these achievements:

These are remarkable numbers compared to the original target set by the race. With milestones, Emerald Run 2022 also received a certificate from the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam and an acknowledgment letter from Gaia Nature Conservation.

Emerald Run is a virtual race held annually under the main sponsorship of the Embassy of Ireland in Vietnam. The 2022 Run is co-hosted by IMP Marketing and sponsored by Voiz FM, an audiobook and podcast platform, and Irish dairy brand Avonmore.


Emerald Run 2022 succeeds thanks to a combination of factors:

  • The right message: join hands to protect nature and raise awareness about the importance of ecological forests;
  • The right channel: the combination of media channels such as social and KOL has helped the race pervasive and reach a large number of target audiences;
  • The right format: as a virtual race, without limited geographical distance and fixed running time, Emerald Run is suitable for all runners in Vietnam, Ireland or anywhere in the world;
  • The close coordination among the partners: organizers, sponsors, and media partners.
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