Specific figures achieved from the campaign:

  • Implementing time: 15 months
  • Happy birthday to 21,672 customers
  • Revenue gained: 120,000 CAD

A customer’s birthday is a valuable opportunity for businesses to “win” their customers’ hearts by showing appreciation towards them. This will help strengthen customer loyalty and bring profits for the companies in the long run.

As a business activating in the beauty industry, the company in the article has succeeded in building relationships with customers through the “Happy Birthday” program and achieved significant revenue after more than a year of implementation.


Operating in a highly competitive beauty industry, business A always attempted to find ways to deploy sales campaigns, enhance customer services, and increase customer retention. 

To gain customer loyalty, besides product and service quality, the brand must show customers how important they are to the brand. With this goal, IMP proposed to launch the “Happy Birthday” program via email to customers in 2021.


To implement this program, the brand had to collect the customer’s data of birth via email and a pop-up form on the website.

Step 1: Build a data management system

IMP has designed a landing page that helps collect customers’ dates of birth and is connected to the data management system. When a customer enters the date of birth and email in the correct syntax, the information would be updated directly into the system.

Step 2: Program announcement

After the data system is ready, the brand announced the “Happy Birthday” program to all current customers via email. In this email, customers were encouraged to submit their date of birth on an existing landing page to receive a 15% off coupon and a special gift from the brand.

In addition, on the sales website, a pop-up form was also installed to collect the birthdays of new customers. This pop-up was only shown to the first-time visitors to the website to avoid affecting the shopping experience.

Step 3: Happy birthday to the customer

After having all the information about the date of birth, IMP installed an automatic email sequence to send birthday greetings when the birthday of each customer arrives. Almost current email systems support this automated email sequence design. For this project, IMP used Klaviyo, a familiar tool for e-commerce businesses in the Americas market.


After 15 months of implementing the “Happy Birthday” program, the brand sent wishes to 21,672 customers, and the revenue gained from these Happy Birthday emails is approximately USD100,000. All brands needed to do here is build a data system and automate email chains to send wishes to customers.


“Happy Birthday” is one of the essential email marketing campaigns that help businesses build closer relationships with customers. This campaign not only helps increase sales for the store but also allows the brand to connect effectively with each customer, regardless of whether it is B2C or B2B.

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