Marketing automation for B2B: Should we use or not?

Marketing automation allows companies to optimize most of their marketing activities into a single software platform. For B2B businesses, can this focus be applied?

Do B2B businesses need marketing automation?

B2B is a form of transaction between businesses instead of individual buyers or customers. B2B marketing automation software will primarily look for features that help companies to nurture relationships with potential customers. So, marketing automation can track customers from the discovery stage to the potential stage and finally purchase. Therefore, businesses need to use marketing automation.

What is B2B marketing automation?

B2B stands for Business To Business which is one of the popular commercial business models. Accordingly, transactions occur directly between a business and other businesses. This is different from the individual model, because businesses using the B2B model always have a unique purchasing process that saves money and time. That’s why when buying goods, these businesses often focus on logic.

When promoting to customers as businesses, marketers need to focus on the functional features of the product. In addition, businesses also need to know who the purchasing department includes and where the role of this department is in the purchasing process of the business.

Because the need to find out information about customer groups of large enterprises is very strict, the information in marketing materials needs to be in-depth, analyze strengths and benefits to bring reasonableness. Marketing messages are most effective when they are deeply analytical.

B2B marketing automation software


Hubspot is a marketing software that helps businesses find potential customers in the process of shopping and searching for information. The pros and cons stem from the fact that the system proceeds piecemeal in many respects but not in depth. So this option can only be convenient and bring the highest efficiency for businesses that know how to use it optimally.


Considered one of the leading B2B marketing automation software, Marketo helps sales and marketing professionals to get higher sales and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This software provides the leading marketing platform for businesses of all sizes to build and maintain customer relationships. Besides, it is also one of the most effective tools with full features for marketers to manage campaigns and also a great tool for sales.

Why is mentioned here? That’s because of its versatility. This is a tool that allows businesses to get what they want, if they are willing to spend time developing and customising the experience using

Another great thing about this tool is its optimised user interface, lightweight and fast, personalised customer support. This software will trigger emails based on events instead of pageviews.

With marketing automation, businesses can establish a strong foundation for fast and reliable team communication. The above article is helpful information about B2B marketing automation for businesses to apply this model most effectively. Hope this article will help businesses understand more about this matter.

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