Marketing Automation Tactics in E-commerce

Marketing automation in e-commerce is a vital part of achieving business success.  Marketing automation allows businesses to get customers to shop at an optimal time. This process will engage customers in distinctly personalized way

The following article will provide businesses with three marketing automation tactics to improve the e-commerce customer experience. Let’s find out together!

1. Segmentation

The foundation of customer experience is relevance. Businesses provide valuable content and show customers what they like to consider and take more careful consideration. To be relevant in e-commerce, businesses must segment their customers and adjust their marketing activities to different groups of customers. So, e-commerce marketing automation software will help companies to segment by some time data such as personal information, location and especially customer behavior.

Businesses need to focus on customer behavior. With other data, businesses can make conjectures about customer preferences. With behavioral data, potential customers will let businesses to know what they prefer.

Businesses should show potential customers how you care about them regularly. As a result, their customers will become loyal customers loving the brand. Thus, businesses should create a VIP segment and send the potential customers special offers and coupon codes to show them how much they are appreciated.

2. Email

Email may be like a relic compared to other modern advertising channels. But like segmentation, email becomes more effective due to e-commerce marketing automation. The problem is that many businesses just follow a systematic approach to email marketing. Here are some automated emails that businesses should refer to:

Welcome email

Welcome emails are relevant every time when a customer shows that they want to receive emails from the business. Why doesn’t the company send it immediately? Next, when customers open the business’s welcome email 4 times, this stage is very important in collecting customer behavior for segmentation. 

Cart email

Businesses should email them the product they clicked on to get them to make an immediate decision. Businesses have absolutely no reason to send customers this type of email if they have not visited the website many times without deciding to buy. Also, understand that just because they haven’t paid now doesn’t mean they won’t be able to pay you in the future.

Order confirmation email

It is another essential email marketing statistic – customers engage with transactional emails at a higher rate than regular promotional emails.

3. Dynamic content

To automate your e-commerce marketing at large scale, businesses need to do more than just put someone’s name in an email. It means businesses need an automation system that can deliver dynamic content.

The technology works by using AI-powered recommendation tools to identify similar patterns in customer preferences and then make recommendations. Each visitor’s dynamic content is reflected based on their previous activities. This is the tactic used by leading businesses.

Building an ecommerce marketing automation strategy is crucial in retaining and attracting customers. Increasing the number of potential customers and repeat purchases of loyal customers means an increase in the sales of the business. So, ecommerce marketing automation can help online businesses with a lot of benefits. We hope the above article will be handy for businesses.

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