Obtaining 5x ROAS by optimizing Pinterest ads for E-commerce

Using Pinterest to reach many potential customers, IMP helped LLBA Professional – an eyelash extensions manufacturer and supplier – increase their revenue sustainably. With ROAS (Return in Ads Spend) 5x, this campaign was chosen as a Featured Success Story on Pinterest. This is also their first case study in the ASEAN SMB sector. 

1. The client

LLBA Professional is an eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier in the US and Canada. Their customer segment is women between the ages of 21 to 49 who are interested in beauty and owning their salon.

LLBA Professional is a brand that has a rather unique customers.

2. The multi-objective platform

To obtain a multi-objective paid media campaign and reach as many potential customers as possible, IMP studied and proposed Pinterest for the client. Specifically, this platform brings four advantages:

With all of the above, Pinterest is the ideal choice for the multi-objective campaign that IMP and LLBA were aiming to:

Increasing brand awareness

Improving conversion rate

Boosting promotion programs

3. Implementation

Content and visuals play a significant role in any campaign’s effectiveness. Therefore, IMP used this touchpoint to create the first strong impression on the potential customers and, at the same time, optimize interaction metrics. 

Next step, IMP chose 2 practical formats for ads on Pinterest: Promoted Pins and Shopping Ads for LLBA. 

Shopping Ads reach the audience based on their search history
Promote Pins appears on users’ feed, based on their references

With the ability to reach more than 442 million users every month(2), Pinterest ad campaigns are ideal for brand awareness. And to obtain that effectiveness, these Pins were tracked and optimized frequently. This also helped narrow down the potential customer segment, guiding them on to the next shopping journey.

4. The result

After using Pinterest to reach potential customers, IMP helped LLBA Professional achieve optimal results, many times more effective than Pinterest benchmarks.

Thanks to Pinterest’s user segment which is always ready to search for new products, the campaign gained 33 million reach and also completed the goal of brand awareness.

The case study by Pinterest

5. Conclusion

Pinterest may not be as common as other digital platforms. However, this channel owns a large number of potential customers for beauty brands such as LLBA Professional. 

Contact us today for consultation on effective multi-objective campaigns on Pinterest. 

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