Open rate reached 40% by optimizing subject line

By optimizing the subject line, IMP has helped a client achieve an opening rate of over 40% in a short time. This increase led to higher revenue and a stronger relationship with their customers.

1. Context

As one of the leading brands in the cosmetic and beauty industry, business B focuses on young customers aged 25 to 40 living in Ho Chi Minh City. Despite the use of email marketing over a long period of time, they still lack a systematic and effective plan. The issue with the business is how to use email marketing effectively to care for existing customers and to improve their customer lifetime value.

2. IMP’s Solution

After auditing the client’s status, IMP proposed optimizing their email marketing using two main methods: validation and segmentation.

The validation process is crucial in email optimization because it keeps the data clean by filtering out defective emails that no longer exist or incorrect email addresses. This action reduces the bounce rates significantly and prevents the sending email from being marked as spam. Moreover, the validation result also demonstrates the company’s way of collecting and managing their database.

Open rate reached 40% by optimizing subject line

Then, from the cleaned list of emails, IMP segmented their customers into various groups based on their behavior, used services, sales, priorities, and geographic location.

Additionally, the process for optimizing the subject line was carried out using the following steps:

  • Personalization: Used the customer’s first name and respectful pronouns in both the subject line and body of the email.
  • For each email sent, IMP A/B tested different subject lines with the same email content to see which version performed the best before rolling it out to a bigger segment.

In addition, by measuring the customer email opening time, IMP adjusted the mailing time accordingly to maximize the chances of our emails being opened instead of being buried in the customer’s inbox.

Finally, our segmentation by customers’ interested services also helped us send more relevant content and promotion. Hence our emails had got a higher opportunity to be opened.

3. Result

Open rate reached 40% by optimizing subject line

By implementing those changes, IMP helped the business reach a 44.81% email opening rate. This is a very high open rate, in comparison with the overall level of the beauty industry – cosmetology. And more importantly, through email marketing, the client could develop stronger bonds with their customers, and increase their bottom-line results.

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