Order Rate from Browse Abandonment Email reached 6%

Email browse abandonment (a reminder of searched products) is one of the automated emails that attract customers to the website and increase the purchasing potential. By adopting this type of email, IMP’s customers reached a purchase rate of up to 6%, and one-year revenue (email only) gained more than $72,000.

1. Background

Enterprise L works in e-commerce with high website traffic, but the purchase rate has not reached its target. They want to increase performance through email marketing.

2. Launching

After analyzing the data from the website, IMP suggested launching the automated email – browse abandonment. This is an effective way to re-market (re-engaging) customers after viewing some products.

To maintain the effectiveness of email without disturbing customers, IMP sets up automated emails sent after viewing the product within 3 hours. This is an ideal period to remind customers since their purchasing potential is still high.

Aside from reminding customers about viewed products, the content of the email also recommends other related products – depending on their browsing history, best-seller of the month, or new arrivals.

3. The result

Shortly after launching email browse abandonment, the brand immediately archives certain results, gaining impressive numbers:

  • Open Rate: 58%
  • Click Through Rate: 7.7%
  • Conversion Rate: 6%
  • Revenue from email: $72,000

This is a very remarkable result that a brand can achieve only by adopting an automated email.

4. Conclusion

The first-time purchase potential after viewing products is often quite low because the customer might be considering other options or waiting for another time to make the decision. By launching an automated browse abandonment email, the brand can attract them back to the website and make the purchase. This is one very effective automatic solution that e-commerce enterprises shouldn’t ignore.

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