Organic Traffic Increased 679% In 12 Months Thanks To An Insightful SEO Strategy

With an insightful SEO strategy, IMP and a client in the dietary supplement industry increased the website’s organic traffic by 679% in 12 months.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing activity connecting customer needs with the product. When done correctly, it improves the visibility and ranking of a website or a web page on search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords. Consequently, a marketing strategy is a powerful tool that helps to increase brand awareness and sales.

In this article, we implemented an SEO campaign for one year. This has increased organic traffic by 679% and expanded the customer database by creating new demands. 

1. About The Client

Our client is a business in the cordyceps dietary supplement market, considered a high-potential domestic market. According to the sales report of Cordyceps on the e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Tiki), total sales in 12 months reached VND132 billion, increasing over 21.1% compared to the last quarter.

But the main sales channel of our client is through distribution, differing from one that directly interacts with the end user. Therefore, they have yet to focus on increasing brand visibility and awareness to gain customer trust.

2. Challenges

With competitive intensity, keywords in the dietary supplement market are labeled as one of the hardest to improve visibility and ranking.

Additionally, having an SEO strategy has only become a recent concern for our clients, while their competitors have been executing their own for years.

Hence, it’s crucial to find a solution that is both effective and reduces the execution time to catch up with the market.

3. Strategy

Often, businesses want to push short keywords directly related to the product. Taking the example of cordyceps, pushing the keywords “cordyceps” or “cordyceps mushroom” will be the first thing that comes into consideration.

When executing keyword research, we noticed that the search volume is relatively high, directly affecting the keyword difficulty metric. According to our marketing expertise, this situation requires a lot of time and effort to optimize such short keywords. Therefore, another proposed strategy is to push the indirect and long-tail keywords.

Learning more about our client’s product, we gathered some insight to support our new strategy. The demand of their end users is wider than health recovery, including several other purposes such as beauty, energy boosting, concentration support, etc.

The new direction is to focus on those niches when improving the visibility and ranking of our client’s website. With that in mind, we delivered more insightful information that matched the end users’ needs, bringing us three significant benefits:

  • Reduce keyword difficulty and increase conversion rate (organic traffic, search visibility, time on page,…).
  • Expand the keyword list, but keep it relevant to the product, such as benefits and usage.
  • Provide a more insightful customer experience according to customers’ search behavior (such as insomnia, distraction, beauty…).

Overall, the campaign aimed for two main goals: to increase the coverage & credibility of the website and reach & convert new customers.

4. The Results

One year after implementation, our appropriate market analysis and SEO strategy helped us achieve fruitful results. This helped us slowly enter a development stage that depends less on paid media. Here are the details:

With positive results, we proved to the client that we had their interests in mind. They were willing to continue working with us to improve rankings for essential keywords and increase organic traffic. Following the same SEO strategy, these results have continued to improve over time.

5. Conclusion

To gain advantages in the race of “Ranking”, businesses need to build an SEO plan based on consumer behavior and generate demand for the product. Not only will this ensure a successful campaign, but businesses can also reduce costs and implementation time in doing so.

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