Organic traffic tripled after just five months of implementation

The reduction of dependence on paid ads and the application of SEO strategy also helped this brand resolve cost issues and increase potential customer traffic several times.

Before deciding on buying a product or using a service, users often search for information on the internet. Here is how IMP put this strategy into practice. By capturing the search demand of users through each stage with the overall SEO method, IMP obtained positive results, in particular, tripling the organic traffic to the website of our customer – TOEIC English Center.

1. Context

The TOEIC center offering intensive courses shows a stable turnover each month, but Google Adwords generates most of that revenue. Thus, the amount of money that the company must spend on attracting students increases.

According to statistics, in September 2019, 48.3% of customers accessed the site through Google Adwords, just 10.3% were organic. The differential rate is relatively high, which strongly relies on paid advertising.

2. Business Objectives

Regarding this issue, the company desires to increase organic traffic on the website, thus increasing the revenues of organic customers and reducing reliance on paid advertising. The company wants to have a stable customer base towards sustainable development and cost optimization in the long run.

3. Solution

Faced with this problem, IMP proposed implementing the Overall SEO campaign to obtain the best results. The implementation process consists of 3 phases:

Step 1: Keyword research

With the strength of offering intensive preparation courses, the client is first supposed to execute the keyword “exam preparation.” After clarifying the client’s desires, IMP carries out a customer analysis and research their competitors. At the same time, use tools to measure and calculate keywords and consider the relevance of keywords to the client’s strategy.

IMP chose “efficient preparation of accelerated test examinations” as the primary keyword for the center’s overall SEO campaign. After deciding on this keyword, IMP analyzes and generates related keywords using tools like Google Suggest, Keyword tool io, and Keyword Planner. The search results for “accelerated TOEIC exam preparation” have 594 keywords, compared to many parts that only lists about 10 keywords.

Step 2: Make an overall plan

With the above set of keywords, IMP performs the classification and grouping of keywords by categories and subcategories.

This practice is the most apparent distinction between Keyword SEO and Overall SEO. With the traditional SEO method, we used to select groups of general keywords, not going into details such as “accelerated TOEIC test preparation,” “toeic test preparation center,” and “toeic exam preparation courses.” And IMP analyzed more detailed keywords and keywords related to study materials, toeic test preparation software, and exam preparation books.

After grouping the associated keywords, the IMP team began to develop a detailed plan to target the keyword group for each stage. This assists the content implementation process to be more straightforward, preventing duplication and confusion.

This stage requires a discussion with the client to determine whether the overall plan meets their objectives and strategies. In particular, the first three months will launch keywords on “listening, speaking, reading, writing,” the next three months will launch keywords on “document”.

Step 3: Optimize on-page and off-page SEO

There was a problem: the client’s website created a lot of content, but it was duplicated and not arranged in any order or classification. This led to a situation where readers were easily confused with information. Technically, there are a lot of errors such as duplicate title, meta description, image without alt text, and lost links.

With these errors, IMP started optimizing the site by removing duplicate content, correcting technical errors according to SEO standards, and grouping articles under the same subject.

The team continues to implement the content plan, writes 15 articles/month with keyword groups, and carries out keyword links, an average of 60 backlinks for one website. In addition, IMP also selects primary links to return to some external links. As a result, the content is checked, of higher quality, and not duplicated.

4. Results

After 1 month

As we began to conduct a website audit, including editing and reposting articles, the number of keywords in the English Center’s top 10 searches has increased from 28 to 35. Meanwhile, there were only 5 keywords in the top 1 and top 3 before, after implementing Overall SEO, it grew to 11 keywords.

After five months

The number of keywords in the top 10 has risen to 124, the trend of keywords continues to increase. Organic traffic increased threefold from 1,304 users (first month) to 3,984 users per month (fifth month)

This result tends to be stable and continues to rise, giving the company the possibility of reaching target customers, thus increasing revenue and prestige.

The results of the above campaign have contributed to demonstrating that Overall SEO is an effective and cost-optimized strategy tailored to the education sector. Other industries may also benefit from this strategy.

Going forward, the Overall SEO will be an appropriate choice for businesses seeking sustainable development. If you want your website to increase rankings and organic traffic, contact IMP immediately for the best overall SEO strategy consulting!

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