In Ecommerce, the phrase “cart abandonment” or “abandoned cart” refers to the abandoning shopping cart of customers. According to a report by Baymard Institute, 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, which means for every 100 potential customers visiting the store, there will be 70 people who do not make a purchase. This shows that brands are losing a considerable amount of potential revenue.


A client of IMP was facing the problem of high abandonment carts and wanted to reduce this rate to increase revenue. There are many reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts, including high delivery costs, complicated checkout process, slow website speed, or unclear return policy. So how did we bring customers back and encourage them to make purchases?

The easiest way is to send them abandoned cart emails, suggest more related products, and send special incentives to increase conversion rates.

Our client used an email automation system to send reminders to customers a few hours after they left the site. However, indicators show this email was not effective.


After analyzing customer data and learning about the nature of the industry, we proposed to rewrite the content and innovate the design of the emails. At the same time, we also set the time to send emails to be effective without disturbing the brand’s customers.

  • First, we personalized the email subject lines with the customer’s name to entice them to open the email.
  • Email content was also synchronized with products in the shopping carts.
  • In addition, we attached related products to attract customers to learn more about these products.
  • We also included incentives and discounts for new customers at the end of the email to urge customers to use them immediately to save money.


After a month of implementation, the new email campaign brought our client more than 31,000 USD in revenue, increasing by 43% higher than using the system’s automated content. In particular, the email metrics are also very impressive: more than 40% open rate, nearly 10% click rate, and the purchase rate (order rate) up to 10%.

This is an excellent result that IMP brings to customers just by optimizing content and images and sending email reminders.


By understanding your store visitors and their behavior, you can engage them to make purchases that have been abandoned.

First, you need to analyze the indicators and develop a suitable strategy for your industry and business model. Most importantly, you should plan to send your emails so that customers do not feel disturbed, but on the contrary, they see that your brand truly cares about their needs.

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