Revenue hit $40,000 in 24 hours by just sending only one email

“Easter Sale” is a popular promotional program celebrated annually in foreign markets, especially in North America countries like the U.S and Canada. One of our clients has successfully implemented a special occasion to run an email sale campaign and reached $40.000 in revenue in just one day of launching. How did they achieve it?


In the coming days before Easter, customers who live in North America tend to be thrilled to receive attractive promotional programs delivered from businesses to hunt for goods at discount prices. For e-commerce enterprises, Easter Sale is a great opportunity that can not overlook. This special occasion not only has their revenue increase but also helps enlarge their new customer list.

As an enterprise activating in the beauty industry, business A has used Easter to run a one-day sale campaign and achieved remarkable results.


IMP helped this business implement an attractive incentive program that is 15% off all products in the store. We designed a simple but attractive email marketing template to appeal to customers.

However, Easter Sale is one of the most popular occasions caught up by most businesses. Therefore, the problem here is how to make the brand’s program stand out in many other businesses’ emails?

Our solution concentrates on the Subject line, explicitly creating a time-sensitive feeling to directly hit customers’ “fear of missing out” mentality.

By sending the only email, our partner gained roughly $40.000 in just one day, which accounted for nearly 27% of the average revenue of the store in that time. Besides, there were other impressive numbers as follows:


  • Open rate: 22%
  • Click rate: 3.22%
  • Placed order rate: 1.64%
  • In addition, the revenue of the Sunday Easter Sale is almost double the sales of the last two Sundays.


Customers are very interested in receiving discount programs generated by businesses during major holidays of the year, and so does Easter. Big holidays are great chances for companies to increase sales. The secret to attracting most customers is creating special discount programs that stand out from the others, by setting up an email campaign that directly targets the “fear of missing out” of customers. In this way, businesses could earn a considerable amount of the customers’ interest and increase revenue significantly.

Does your business know how to deploy suitable and attractive email marketing campaigns for major holidays? Contact IMP for advice on practical implementation to increase revenue!

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