Shopify tips all store owners need to know

In the digital age, the implementation of Shopify email marketing is a strategy many businesses carry out from the beginning of their online business. That brings great benefits in promoting product sales and increasing the awareness of their Shopify stores.

Why should businesses do email marketing on Shopify?

Not only is an approach and customer service but the implementation of Shopify email marketing also brings many more benefits.

Collect customer information

Asking for a customer’s phone number and email when shopping anywhere is a widesread and familiar way for the brand to collect customer information, helping the sales process and customer service become more optimal. According to many surveys, customers are less upset when they receive promotional emails than when they receive marketing calls. That shows that deploying promotional emails to customers is a valuable method to market products to a group of potential customers. At the same time, invites old customers to continue consuming and using the brand’s products.

Promote products quickly

Email marketing is a quick and familiar form of product promotion, especially the benefits will be multiplied many times when a business has a Shopify store. If businesses own a Shopify store registered with Shopify email marketing, they can send out 2,500 free emails to their customers per month. Those emails will be accumulated for the next month if not used up in 1 month.

Focus on marketing to a potential customer segment

Once a business/brand collects a file of email lists of potential customers, the business/brand can run ads by doing Shopify email marketing and use them with uploaded attachments. This helps the promotional emails, marketing products and services be sent to the potential target segment accurately and quickly.

Implement Shopify email marketing for Shopify

Before implementing Shopify email marketing for online stores, businesses need to integrate the right email marketing tool that will use for online stores. Popular tools include Omnisend, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, and Klaviyo.

Once they have installed and researched email marketing tools, they should learn what types of campaigns to get emails from customers and potential customers. Businesses should collect and classify customer emails according to different customer segments depending on marketing needs.

From that classification, businesses can develop appropriate types of emails and content for each customer. When implementing email marketing, try to personalize marketing emails when sending them to customers, such as calling names and recommending products according to purchase history, that helps them feel appreciation from the brand.

In addition, businesses should try to set up explicit, careful email content and attract customers with various promotions. Of course, businesses also need to make sure their online store is quality and attractive for Shopify email marketing to be successful.

Implementing Shopify email marketing is one of the most optimal and most accessible methods to reach customers and increase product sales when doing business. Stay tuned for more articles on the topic of Business on Shopify!

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