Store Revenue Reached $1.5 million Thanks To The

Black Friday is an excellent occasion for businesses to launch sales and discount campaigns to boost revenue. For e-commerce companies, this is a perfect opportunity to increase revenue at the end of the year and acquire new customers. One of our clients has successfully implemented a Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign and reached over US$1.5 million in revenue. How did they achieve it? Find out more in this article!

1. Context

Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM) are the biggest sale campaigns for brands worldwide. One of IMP’s clients has successfully implemented a special sales program and gained more than $1.5 million in one month.

2. Implementation

Since this is an essential sales campaign of the year, IMP’s client has implemented a strong discount program: 25% off for all products. The main communication channels of the campaign were email, SMS, advertising and social media.

Before the sale campaign, IMP spent several months researching customers’ buying behavior and preparing the communications script. In the first week, the brand focused on promoting the sales program and reaching new customers. In the second week, emails and advertising activities reminded customers to purchase more and try new products.

The content script was planned carefully for daily email and customer segment. Understanding the FOMO (fear of missing out) psychology of target customers, IMP sent a notification before the sale date (teaser email) to attract visitors to the store on the sale day. The results show that customers longed for the sale day with more than a 30% open rate and nearly 6% click-through rate.

Another success factor was that all emails were inserted with the best seller and recently viewed products. A reminder email (Last chance email) would help boost sales on the previous day of the deal because most customers don’t want to miss out on this massive once-a-year sale.

To reach more potential customers, IMP also ran ads on Facebook, Instagram, GDN, Pinterest, and Tiktok platforms before the official sale.

3. Results

After two weeks of implementation, the BFCM campaign helped increase the store revenue up to 1.5 million USD in sales. This is the highest monthly revenue that they have achieved.

Through this campaign, the company’s revenue increased by 30% compared to the previous month. The contribution rate from email was up to 34%, and revenue from email increased by 95%.

4. Conclusion

BFCM is an excellent opportunity for both the retail and wholesale industries. Likewise, for e-commerce brands, this is an opportunity not to be missed to boost year-end sales and find new customers.

Has your business planned to launch BFCM and other big sales this year? Contact IMP today for advice on how to do it effectively!

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