Thank You Email brought $200,000 in Revenue, 2.4% of Order Rate

The Thank You Email is an effective marketing tool that e-commerce companies should not ignore. By adopting an insightful thank-you email script, IMP helped a client reach nearly $200,000 after 18 months of implementation.

1. Background

Sending the Thank You Email is an important step in delivering a memorable shopping experience for e-commerce businesses. Not limited to showing gratitude, this email also helps improve the customer experience and engagement for future purchases. It is a simple way to generate revenue and repeat sales.

Thank You Email is an effective way to draw customers back to the store

By sending out thank you emails to enhance the post-purchase experience, IMP helped a client increase sales for their online store.

2. Implementation

Unlike the automated order confirmation email sent by the website system, the thank you email is sent 2 days after the order has been delivered to the customer. It is a reasonable amount of time because customers have enough to experience the product, but it is not too long to forget the brand’s impression.

The content of this email is not only limited to a thank you message, but it also includes information about the brand, products, promotion policies, and a 10% discount code for the following order. To improve customer experience , IMP created 3 different email content depending on the customer journey. Specifically:

  • Customers who make the first order will receive an email about the brand and product.
  • Customers who make the second order will know more about the loyalty policy.
  • Customers who purchase from the 3rd order, already considered loyal customers, will be recommended more related products with their purchase history.
Create email content that matches the customer journey

3. Result

After nearly 18 months of implementation, the email series has achieved positive performance as follows:

  • Open rate: up to 50%
  • Click rate: 4%
  • Order rate: 2.4%
  • Revenue from email: nearly $200,000
Impressive results from Thank You Emails


When shopping in person at the store, customers can interact with the sales team for product advice, and the staff can show gratitude for choosing the brand. Online shopping may be more convenient but lacks interaction. Therefore, thank you emails in e-commerce are necessary for customer service. It’s not just simply a thank you but also delivering a decent shopping experience that will keep them coming back.

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