A fashion-design and print-on-demand brand partnered with IMP to draw more customers from the US Market. As a result, messaging conversion rates rose by an impressive 30% compared to the 12 months prior.

Our success was due to five key practices implemented by both parties. This article will look at these practices in greater depth and how they contributed to such positive results.

1. Background

For any marketing campaign, efficiency is critical. Businesses should consider the costs associated with marketing and personnel to ensure the best outcome. To this end, our client partnered with IMP to expand their market in the United States.

Additionally, our team had extensive experience creating, running, and managing campaigns in overseas markets such as the US and Canada. This gave us an edge when optimizing business efficiency for our clients.

2. Implementing

Instagram is the go-to platform for reaching US consumers. It’s become known as a “sanctuary” for initiating and driving clothing trends, with fashion companies worldwide using it for 70% of their communication activities (according to Klear).

We could showcase products to drive revenue by leveraging Instagram’s powerful toolset. With its highly engaged user base and ad capabilities, Instagram offers an ideal environment for growing our reach and increasing sales within the US market. 

Accordingly, the customer journey of an Instagram user included:

However, to ensure that our clients get only quality leads who may require design-print services, IMP has compiled a list of the five best practices for implementation.

3. Best Practices#

Close coordination between the client and the agency

For any successful marketing campaign, close coordination between the client and agency is essential. By understanding customer insights, marketers can better understand their needs and tailor advertising content accordingly.

To ensure success, both IMP and the client communicated regularly to gain valuable insight and optimize campaigns for maximum impact.

The flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing market

America is a large and diverse nation, with different climates in each state. As such, the demand for fashion also varies greatly across regions. To ensure our success, we needed flexibility to properly advertise the right product to each customer according to their unique needs.

Building trust and reputation for brands

Fashion brands often look to find the right factory to get the best price. To help increase conversion rates, product images are complemented with photos and videos of printing technology and factory scale. This helped to build trust and reputation for our client.

Tracking regularly to optimize ads

Tracking and optimization are key to ensuring the success of any marketing campaign. Regularly tracking market insights can help minimize risks while improving efficiency and saving costs. Through monitoring, we can further optimize our ads for maximum effectiveness.

Leverage diversity and innovation in a client’s production.

One of the most beneficial aspects of working with this client is their vast array of products. Their willingness to be agile and stay up-to-date on market trends allows us to remain competitive in the dynamic US market.

We contributed by supplying insights about recent developments, enabling them to make informed decisions based on data.

4. Result

As an agency devoted to helping businesses increase their profits, we strive to only acquire quality leads that help us measure results. These customers were consulted directly, and their printing samples were sent for production. Every day, this data was compiled into business indicators. 

After one year of implementation, we have seen great success:

5. Conclusion

Businesses looking to make the most of the US market can count on IMP and benefit from our close cooperation to obtain important information. Thanks to this, we have been able to reduce costs related to marketing and personnel while maintaining revenue efficiency.

For more guidance on tapping into this potential, please contact IMP today for detailed advice.

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