Weekend revenue increased by 20% after a month of Weekend Sale

In e-commerce, there is a common trend that the revenue achieved on weekdays is often higher than on the weekend. No matter what field that businesses are running in, most of them always find it extremely hard to pull sales on Saturdays and Sundays.

Thus, how to improve weekend revenue and gain profits monthly? Let’s find out the story of the business mentioned in this article to draw your lesson on how to make it practical for your business!

1. Context

The client of IMP is doing business in the beauty industry for women in the North American market. Having realized the decrease in the website traffic and revenue on weekends compared to weekdays, the client desire to improve this issue and change the buying habit of their users.

2. Solution

After having considered many approaches, IMP and the client finally reached a consensus on implementing discount programs on the weekend (Weekend Sale), particularly each Saturday and Sunday. Email marketing and SMS marketing are the leading media channels of this activity. Besides, the brand has also disseminated information on its social media channels to reach more potential customers.

The most remarkable point of this Weekend Sale campaign is that customers would only receive the sale notifications unexpectedly every Saturday, which created a sense of waiting and a habit of accessing the store to re-check the sale information.

Besides, because each product was discounted only once each week, customers would purchase other brand products to save shipping costs and delivery time.

3. Results

After a month of implementation, our client has increased its revenue by 20% on the two weekend days. The average gain of these two days had also increased by 24% compared to the former phase when the sale campaign was still not launched.

The email open rate hit up to 40%, and the website traffic has also increased significantly compared to the previous month, owing to the waiting sense that the brand has created for its potential customers.

After eight months of implementation, the weekend revenue of our client was totally over $400,000.

Besides revenue, the Weekend Sale is also an excellent occasion for businesses to promote certain products. With the brand mentioned in this article, they tend to focus on giving discounts for new products and seasonal products.

4. Conclusion

Weekend Sale is a fantastic program to attract customers if businesses know how to implement it.

Here are some experiences on how to bring effectiveness to the Weekend Sale campaign:

  • Don’t discount similarly every weekend, because it would easily create customers’ sense of “waiting for sale only,” which leads to a decrease in the sales on weekdays.
  • Only give discounts on products that could meet the quantity of supply, to avoid letting customers feel disappointed when they cannot buy sale products.
  • Implement flash sales in short time frames, 2 hours or 4 hours, for instance, for the low quantified products to boost customer buying faster.
  • Customer service teams should always be ready to support customers immediately to help resolve order problems.

Finally, before implementing the Weekend Sale, businesses should plan carefully, especially logistic teams and customer service teams, as well as other means of communication to deliver targeted messages to customers.

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