Welcome Email helps convert 12% of Leads into customers

By revamping the Welcome email’s content and design, IMP’s client achieved a conversion rate of up to 12%, bringing in $16,000 in email revenue in the first 2 months. So how did they achieve this result? Find out in this article.

1. Context

Welcome emails are an effective way to impress leads. E-commerce businesses can use this type of email to convert them into customers by sending them a discount code or voucher for their first order.

IMP client has also leveraged this email to convert leads into customers. Specifically, new visitors can leave an email to receive a 15% discount code for their first order. However, after a period of implementation, this welcome email did not bring significant positive results. Our client wants to modify this email to improve the results and convert leads more effectively.

2. Implementation

After reviewing the welcome email content that is being implemented and researching effective ways, IMP proposes changes:

  • Highlight discount codes on websites by setting pop-ups to check first-time visitors to your website.
  • Revamp the email content and design to be consistent with the brand image
  • Add a standout CTA button at the bottom of emails to encourage customers to take action.

3. Result

After 2 months of implementation, the welcome email helped businesses convert nearly 12% of leads into customers, bringing in more than $16,000 in revenue. Installing pop-ups on the website also allowed the brand to recognize target consumers’ behaviours when the rate of registering to receive a discount code was as high as 7%.

The welcome code usage has continued to increase, a total of 6,000 times up to now. Email open rates reached 80%, with click rates close to 20%.


In e-commerce, a welcome email is a type of email that assists businesses in converting leads into customers. This is an opportunity to help companies impress potential customers through content branding and product promotion. The welcome email should include special offers that encourage them to order their first order.

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