Women’s day campaign brought $2 million in revenue

On International Women’s Day (08/03), the world celebrates all women – their strengths, accomplishments and potential. Worldwide brands offer various promotions to customers during this occasion to increase sales and raise brand awareness. As an international business in manufacturing and distributing eyelash extensions, IMP’s client implemented a campaign for 2 weeks and generated more than $2 million in revenue. Find out how they achieve this result!

1. Context

IMP’s client desired to run a campaign in March to celebrate International Women’s Day and drive more sales revenue. Running a business in the field of eyelash extensions and cosmetics, the client had the advantage that most of its customers are women. Therefore, this was an ideal opportunity to foster revenue growth.

The client desired to run a special campaign to tribute all female customers

2. Implementation

As one of the biggest campaigns of the year, the implementation required thorough discussion from both IMP and its client, including the discount rate, key message, duration and main marketing channels.

We used email marketing as the main channel to boost sales from existing customers and encourage leads to make their first orders. For other channels:

  • Paid media: driving more traffic to the website
  • SMS marketing: reminding customers of the campaign’s start and end date
  • Social media: boosting engagement and promoting the campaign

3. Results

By leveraging multi-channel marketing such as email marketing, SMS marketing, social media and paid media, IMP was able to deliver a clear and concise key message to the target audience consistently. Moreover, we focused on attention-grabbing content to improve the conversion rate, leading to more than $2 million in revenue, which increased by 20% compared to the previous month. Here are the details:

With the mission to help businesses increase their profit sustainably, IMP tailored and personalized the campaign to the needs of specific customer segments. This tactic not only drove significant conversions but also enhanced customer loyalty effectively. The customer retention rate of that month was over 75%.

4. Conclusion

The International Women’s Day campaign can help businesses celebrate women and their impact while communicating brand values with their consumers. From a marketing agency perspective, it’s the perfect opportunity to generate more sales and improve customer loyalty. Hence, the occasion is the big sale day not to be missed.

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